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UHeart Organizing: DIY Spray Tan Kit

UHeart Organizing: DIY Spray Tan Kit - Home is a place where we could take shelter and give us protection from rain, heat, and others. Everyone has their own choice on the type of home that they feel comfortable to live in, in a blog Living Room Design we will provide knowledge about the design of a cozy home, we'll talk about UHeart Organizing: DIY Spray Tan Kit We make this information as complete as possible, so please read:

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It is so hard to type these words but the truth is, our sweet summer sunny days are numbered.  The leaves are already changing, the air is getting crispy and fall is on the horizon.  Before we know it, we will be curled up with cozy cable knit blankets by a hot fire with cocoa.

But although the weather is changing, it doesn't mean that our summer glow has to disappear.  My dear friend Serena, from Pretty Fluffy blog, is here to share her recipe for staying beautifully bronzed all year round, in an organized way of course!

I love a good spray tan.

Maybe it’s because I’m Australian and we’re known for our bronzed exports (hello Miranda Kerr and Elle Macpherson!), but I always get that extra spring in my step when I look like I’ve spent the last week on a tropical island.

The thing is though – tanning in the sun is no good. A little Vitamin D is great for us all, but prolonged tanning leads to damaged skin and premature aging. So when you’re thinking of baking out in the sun – Stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Spray tans are where it’s at these days and these babies can have you looking like you just got back from the Bahamas even in the middle of winter.

But the trouble with spray tans is that at around $30 a pop they can get expensive!

So I developed a little at home spray tan kit that has me bronzed to perfection whenever I want (no appointment required!) at a fraction of the price.

Before I start, I must confess, I wanted this post to look prettier. I live for cute labels, pops of color in unexpected places and neatly stacked supplies.

But to be honest - DIY spray tans aren’t super pretty. In fact the supplies are all a bit ugly. But you know what? While it may not be pretty, using your own DIY Spray Tan Kit will save you hundreds of dollars a year. I think that’s worth the sacrifice!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own at home spray tan kit…


You tan preparation is all about making your skin as silky smooth as possible for your tan application.

Always make sure you’ve done any waxing or shaving at least 24 hours before to ensure an even application.

Prior to you tan, give your body a dry body brush all over, and then follow up with an exfoliating body scrub in the shower.

Don’t have a body scrub? Mix half a cup brown sugar with half a cup oil (I like coconut or olive oil for the smell!) and you’ve got your own DIY body scrub!


Once you’re all prepped and silky smooth it’s time to tan! Here’s what you’ll need…

NOTE: When spray tanning at home, always make sure the area in which you tan is well ventilated. Your shower cubicle usually makes an excellent spot to tan as the tiles can be wiped down straight after, but make sure your bathroom has a good extractor fan and open window. Alternatively grab your own pop-up booth and tan in the fresh air.

1 – Spray Gun + Air Compressor

The main part of your tanning kit is your tanning spray gun and air compressor. A quick Google search will show spray tan guns available on eBay or local tanning suppliers. You can also grab a compressor at your local hardware store – easy peasy!

For the long cord of my spray tan gun, I simply keep it neat by rolling it up inside an old paper towel roll covered with some protective paper (to add a little pretty where I can!)

2 – Spray Tan Solution

A bit of trial and error comes into play here, but most tanning retailers will offer sample sizes so you can trial a few different spray tan solutions before deciding which one is right for you. Here are my favorite self tanners.

In terms of application, you CAN do it yourself, but it’s always easier if a friend or partner does it. A quick scan of YouTube for spray tan tutorials will give you all you need to know about getting the best coverage.

3 – Disposable Shower Caps

Protect your hair by always wearing a shower cap during your spray tan.

You can also grab these sole protectors for your feet, but I personally find an old towel on the floor of the shower does the job just as well.

Also – handy tip for nursing mothers: protect your milk makers by simply attaching your nursing pads in reverse during your spray tan.

4 – Wipes + Blending Brushes

My secret weapon for a flawless at home spray tan! Once you’ve finished your spray tan ALWAYS grab your wipes (baby wipes, body wipes – whatever takes your fancy) and wipe down the following areas that are notorious for soaking up tan where it shouldn’t be:
  • palms of your hands
  • nails and nailbeds
  • tips of the elbows
  • toenails and nailbeds

Next, grab your blending brushes. I prefer to use regular craft foam brushes as they work perfectly at blending. I add a little washi tape around the handle to mark them as ‘spray tan brushes’ just so I never accidentally use paint brushes for spray tans and vice versa!

The foam brushes are great to brush over your wrists, ankles, behind your knees, hairline and anywhere where a build up of tan can occur and leaves your coverage flawless and gorgeous.


Once you’re wiped and blended you can either air dry or gently dry yourself off with a hairdryer on a low setting. Once your tan has set, simply shower off and you’re done!

Don’t forget to moisturize daily with a good body cream to lock in your tan for as long as possible.

Clean your spray tan gun and supplies are every tan, and pack away the kit for the next use – you’ll be bronzed all year round!

Do you spray tan at home? What are your tips?

"I am Serena Faber Nelson, a television producer, writer and fluffy dog owner. Obsessed with home décor, fashion, lifestyle and dogs – I set about creating Pretty Fluffy as a go-to guide for the modern pet owner. Featuring a range of stylish products, celebrity pooches, DIY projects and handy hints, Pretty Fluffy is a daily stop for smiles and inspiration, giving readers the tools they need to enjoy full and happy lives with their furry friends. My greatest loves include fresh peonies, Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts Baby in a corner), Banoffe Pie, spending waaay too much time on Pinterest, and hugging random dogs at the park. I currently live in Sydney, Australia with my husband, Andy, and my 11 year old Border Collie, Soda. As a long time fan, I am super excited to be joining the IHeart Organizing Team!"

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