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DIY Fabric Art For The Interior Walls

DIY Fabric Art For The Interior Walls - Home is a place where we could take shelter and give us protection from rain, heat, and others. Everyone has their own choice on the type of home that they feel comfortable to live in, in a blog Living Room Design we will provide knowledge about the design of a cozy home, we'll talk about DIY Fabric Art For The Interior Walls We make this information as complete as possible, so please read:

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Today I wanted to show you a quick and inexpensive way to dress up your walls with DIY fabric art. I love the look and they are so easy to create! There are so many choices of fabric out there… the possibilities are endless! Here’s how I made my fabric art.
DIY fabric art on ...super easy way to fill a big space! #homedecor

DIY fabric art

Supplies needed:
  • Frames (found mine at Ikea)
  • Fabric (I used Jo-Ann HGTV fabric)
  • Hot Glue
  • Hammer and nails or command strips
The first thing you’re going to do is determine how big you want your frames. I wanted my frames pretty big, so I picked up four of these white frames from Ikea. I have seen similar ones at Target too.
Ikea frames
Next I removed the cardboard from the frame and taped them to the wall. This helped me decide where to place the frames on the wall and how far to space them out.
DIY art
Next I cut 1/8 inch off one edge of the cardboard to allow room for the fabric when placing it back in the frame. Then I cut out a piece of fabric about 2 inches wider than the cardboard. After that I wrapped the cardboard like a present with the fabric, hot gluing as I went and then I placed the piece back in the frame.
DIY fabric art on ...super easy way to fill a big space! #homedecor
After I was finished, I hung up my new fabric art and admired it on my wall. This project took me less than an hour from start to finish. Can’t beat that! The possibilities really are endless with this simple piece of decor. Get creative! :D
Easy DIY fabric art
I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my living room this week! I’m so excited to show you the full reveal at the Jo-Ann #HGTVhomemagic Pinterest party tomorrow night.

Thus information about DIY Fabric Art For The Interior Walls hopefully benefit in determining your dream home, please share the book mark or link if you feel the information is useful

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